When Chasing Your Dreams Are You Facing an Obstacle or Opposition, Does it Matter?

When you have a dream you have to go for it with vigor and passion. But sometimes on this journey we can run into difficulty. When this happens do you give up on your dreams or persevere to make things happen. When you get tired it’s imperative that you understand if you are facing an obstacle or opposition. Understanding this will help you better be resilient when things get tough and maneuver your next step. Many times we have a dream and when times get tough, we give up. We think things should be easy when we are on the right path. Why? What guarantee do we have that things will be easy if we are living our dreams? Sometimes we also confuse an obstacle for opposition. Some may be thinking, what’s the difference, well there is a big difference. According to WordBook’s definition an obstacle is “something immaterial that stands in the way and must be circumvented or surmounted”. Many times you can go around, over or under an obstacle. Making a plan to get around this obstacle will keep you focused on your journey to your dreams. An example of this is maybe your dream requires a degree or certification. This is an obstacle that you can make a plan to remove, by getting the certification.

Opposition has more emotion and energy involved. According to WordBook opposition is “active hostility, opposing something that you disapprove or disagree with” If you are running into opposition you may have to negotiate the situation differently than simply moving around it. Pay attention to opposition as it may mean you are not on the correct path or you have to maneuver differently. Opposition has more emotion involved, don’t get pulled down into this emotion, focus and figure out what it means. Opposition doesn’t mean your dream is wrong it may just mean things need to be course corrected to change paths to improve the dream. You may have a dream that is not big enough for what you can accomplish. Opposition to your path may help you dream bigger. An example of opposition is when Oprah started OWN, her television network. I saw an interview where she explained that she was trying to start her own network while finishing the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was having trouble getting her network to where she wanted it to be. One of her mentors finally told her, when she gets to OWN and gets into the details, it will take off. Her dream didn’t have to change but how she was doing it had to change. This was opposition, she course corrected, and saw success.

Here are few things to help you get to the other side of obstacles or opposition to see your dreams come true.

  1. Take the First Step – I had talked for years about getting my MBA but fear kept me from taking the first step. I was in church one day and Dr. France Brown asked us what our 3ft fence was that was holding us captive. That very night I started researching programs and a year and a half later I was finished with my MBA. This led me to dream bigger. After I finished my MBA I started with a new company aligned with my core values and continued my education with a coaching certification. Taking the first step was difficult but once I did, noting could stop me. Take the first step NOW! You never know where it will lead.

  2. When Your Journey Gets Difficult, Don’t Give Up – One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up” by Jim Valvano. I also love the graphic of a frog being eaten by a bird but the frog is choking the bird so the bird can’t swallow. Now that’s the picture of never giving up.

  3. Dreams Do Come True – Look at all the people living their dream. You are worthy of being one of those people. Dreams come true for people who go after their dreams with vigor and passion. Go make it happen!

Live your dream!

Coach Quen

Quendrida Whitmore, aka, Coach Quen, is a certified leadership and life coach with over 20 years of experience leading large, successful teams for Fortune 500 companies.

You can get a free initial consultation with Coach Quen by visiting her website and completing the contact form at http://www.coachquen.com/.

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